[Note] Lauch an AI project quikly?

How to construct a Proof of Concept for an AI project ?

1. Clearly define the purpose of the AI task

  • Effectively record and synchronize project stakeholders’ information
  • Able to draw up phased goals
  • Confirm whether the data required for the question is reasonable, what is the method of collecting the data or how to build it
  • Preliminarily clarify the evaluation index (metric) as the question to improve the standard

2. Data collection and processing

  • Must have a reliable and stable way of receiving data.
  • If you need to mark the data, how to integrate relevant domain knowledge, or if there is relevant information for reference.
  • Check whether the collected information is normal and complete, and whether it meets the requirements of the target task

3. Looking for methods related to building:

  • Evaluate the appropriate method based on the current data size/type.
  • Try to find existing methods from google, as a baseline reference.
  • From Github to find a package open to use by others, if there is a good method and commercial authorization can be used.
  • Read related papers/curriculums of major U.S. universities/public competition materials.

To Do:

  • How to establish a data/model version control mechanism?
  • How to quickly deploy the environment? Reduce the time to rebuild the environment


1. CMU AI software engineering course resources